How to Stop Bullying - Possible Solutions for Parents, Teachers, and Children

Published: 09th December 2009
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There are a couple of forms of violence in this universe that has more long term consequences than those caused by bullying. That is what leaves so many parents, teachers, and youngsters questioning how to stop bullying. Luckily there are a wide assortment of choices available to those who truly need to put an end to aggressive and abusive behaviors.

What Can Parents Do?

The first thing that parents should do in an effort to assist their kids to end bullying is to talk to them. Many parents stop communicating or encouraging their kids as they get older. This is important as it allows parents to get to the root of the problem that may be causing the bullying behaviors. Nevertheless, it is crucial for parents to not only sit down and talk to their kids, but listen to their concerns as well. It is also essential that parents let their children be involved in the process of developing the solution and enforce it themselves in order to build self esteem and respect.

Solutions for Teachers

Teachers are an crucial part of a child's life. There are numerous ways that they can learn how to stop bullying, and in doing so they can improve the experiences of their pupils, and can improve the behavior of their class as well. Teachers can help children understand why bullying is wrong and what it can do to the individuals who are targeted through lesson plans and schoolroom activities. They can also develop a strict list of consequences that will be imposed should a child be caught bullying another.

What Can Teachers Do?

Children should be have a number of options available to them on how to stop bullying. This is because what works well for one child may not work for another. Some popular solutions that can be implemented by kids include:

- Giving the bully a cold shoulder and showing no reaction or emotion. Although this method is a traditional one there are experts now who feel this is not a good solution.

- Reporting the bully to an authority figure such as a teacher, principal, or parent.

- Avoid being in the presence of the bully.

- Becoming involved in activities and making new friends in an effort to stop being isolated and to promote self esteem. Having sheer numbers around you will make you a less desirable target.

- Confront the bully and inform them that their behavior will nolonger be tolerated.

Although being a victim of bullying can have lasting negative effects that lead into adulthood, it is possible to stop. As soon as parents, teachers, and children have a plan of action on how to stop bullying, they can work to together to propose solutions to end this type of undesirable behavior.


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